10/01/17 JasonSD wins Charlotte . With Steve in 2ND place.

9/24/17 JasonSD wins Loudon. With Steve in 2ND place from the pole.

9/17/17 RANDY wins Chicagoland. With BOB in 3RD, JasonSD in 4TH and STEVE in 5TH place.

9/10/17 STEVE gets the chrome bumper put to him with 4 laps to go. RANDY was in the right spot at the right time to win Richmond.

8/27/17JasonSD WINS DARLINGTON! And leads the most laps too. Steve finishes in 2ND place.

8/13/17 STEVE WINS MICHIGAN! with five laps to go. BOB has a strong car and finishes in 3RD place.

7/30/17 JasonSD WINS POCONO! With a strong car, leading 60 of a 70 lap race. Steve finishes in 2ND place.

7/23/17 JasonSD WINS INDY! With Steve in 4TH after JasonSD gets by with 3 laps to go. Y-Lee gets caught up in a wreck while running in 2ND place.

7/16/17 STEVE WINS LOUDON from the pole! With JasonSD getting disconnected from the race, it make it easy for Steve to win.

7/8/17 STEVE WINS Kentucky! With some go long green runs. Holding off the 87 car as he charged to the front in the late laps.

7/1/17 BOB GIBSON WINS Daytona with a power move with five laps to go. Y-Lee ends up in 3RD and Steve in 4TH.

6/25/17 Mr Smooth Wins Infineon! Y=Lee has no problems as he goes from 5TH place to the lead. Steve ends up in 3RD.

6/11/17 – Steve WINS Pocono with Y=Lee in 2ND place and Bob in 3RD. Also Steve Wins Pocono at HOBO on the 13th of 2017, against some of the fastest sim racers out there.

5/28/17 – Y=Lee WINS Charlotte with Randy in 2ND place.

5/7/17 – JasonSD WINS Dega with BOB in 2ND place. Steve finishes in 4TH with Y-Lee in 5TH after a late wreck.
Not what you want to see at 190mph as Randy spins backwards on the front strength.

4/30/17 – Steve Wins Richmond on fuel, as JasonSD has to pit after leading 133 laps of the race. Y=Lee would finish 4TH on gas mileage too.

4/23/17 – Y-Lee gets the pole but JasonSD wins the race at Bristol. Y-Lee would finish in 2ND place after a late pit stop.

3/26/17 – Y-Lee WINS California at RB-HC by playing it cool. The rest of the team had some small mistakes and never rebounded as the race went green all the way.

3/19/17 – Steve WINS Phoenix at RB-HC with a strong car on the long run. The rest of the team had problems getting caught up in some wrecks, and Randy losing a motor. BOB still working on his computer but hopes to make the next race at RB=HC. Randy and JasonSD didn’t do to well at HOBO Phoenix race. And SPEED lost power with stormy weather and didn’t make the race.

2/26/17 – Steve WINS the Daytona 500 at RB-HC racing! With the rest of the Team doing pretty good. It was good to race with all the teammates on Sunday. It was like the good
old day once again. However Steve, Randy and JasonSD didn’t do as well at HOBO this year for they’re Daytona race. Well on to Atlanta next week.

2/24/17 – Speed, Randy and JasonSD made it into the 500 at HOBO. Too many drivers in the League at HOBO this year.
All drivers had to Qualify to make the race. Looks like Team SpeedLan will be starting from 10TH place to 12TH place this year.
The race will be televised on DRTV on Feb 28, 2017 at 9pm DRLNewrok.com
Team SpeedLan is getting ready for the 2017 race season. We will be racing at HOBO racing and RB-HC this year.